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Fix HP PhotoSmart 7520, 6520, d110 Printers Offline problem

Due to the interruptions in your printing task, you may miss out on very important things related to your work. And, those of you who use HP PhotoSmart printers, if your printer starts to display an offline status, you might not get your photos printed on time which is nothing less than a nightmare. The HP PhotoSmart printer offline is not mere a signal that you could not complete your print job but also makes you think about how you are supposed to solve this problem.

HP PhotoSmart Printer Offline

This write-up is going to help you with that and more importantly, it will guide you on how to fix the HP PhotoSmart printer offline issue.

Why does my HP PhotoSmart 7520, 5520, c4700 printer keep going offline?

If this is the first time that you are seeing your HP Printer Offline, then it might turn out to be a big question for you that why you are seeing this error. Here are a few reasons:

  • Bad/missing/outdated/incompatible printer drivers
  • Possible connection issues
  • Printer configuration error in your system

How to bring HP PhotoSmart printer offline to online?

Set your printer as the default

  1. Search your device for “Printers and Scanners”
  2. Deselect the box next to “Let Windows manage my printer”
  3. From the printers list, find your printer name and click on it
  4. Click “Manage” and then select “Set as default”
  5. Take a test printout or go to the next solution

Check the ports

Use HP assistant to diagnose any printing issue with your printer and simultaneously check if the cables are loosely plugged or plugged into the right port or not. By verifying this, you can make sure that your printer is not going through any connectivity issues.

Check the network connection

You can manually check the IP connection between your printer and the router. If you find out that the router or the printer is not properly connected to each other over the same network, then try to take the necessary steps to fix this issue.

How to get HP PhotoSmart plus printer back online?

Usually, by applying the procedures specified above, you will be able to get your HP PhotoSmart plus printer back online. But, there are chances that the printer won’t be back online until you check and reconfigure its sleep time settings or update the HP PhotoSmart plus printer driver and firmware. To update the printer firmware and fix HP PhotoSmart printer offline issue, do the following:

  1. Head to the HP’s official site i.e.
  2. Go to the subsequent driver downloads section
  3. Look for a compatible driver for your printer model
  4. Download all the available drivers for HP PhotoSmart

HP PhotoSmart printer offline troubleshooting on windows and mac

On Windows:

  1. Disconnect your printer and wait for 10 seconds
  2. Restart your printer and your computer
  3. Connect your printer to a wireless network with high speed
  4. Now, you need to print the test report
  5. If you are using a printer with a USB connection, check the cables
  6. You need to replace the cable if it turns out to be damaged
  7. To troubleshoot a wired connected printer, re-plug the Ethernet cable
  8. Or, take your printer to the service center

On Mac:

  1. Please assure that your printer is in the ready state by checking that you have added your printer to the usable printing devices’ list
  2. Check if there is enough paper in the paper tray
  3. Try using HP Smart Diagnose and Fix to find and resolve printing problems on Mac
  4. Remove and then add your printer once again
  5. Try resetting the printing system
  6. Check if your printer is connected to a network
  7. Troubleshoot any network, USB, or wired connection
  8. Try creating an IP connection manually

Summing up:

In this write-up, we have raised our concern over fixing the HP PhotoSmart printer offline issue. Due to limited knowledge about fixing such issues, users immediately think of the easier way that is replacing their printer or taking it to the service center. However, if you do a few workarounds on your own, you might save yourself from bigger troubles.

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