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How to Override HP Printer Ink Cartridge Error?

Though HP printers are one of the most popular printer brands across the globe, you may experience some problems while using them. You might have encounter situations when your HP printer might not recognize a new toner or ink cartridge when you change or replace an empty one. This type of issue makes users unable to use Hp printers properly.

fix override hp printer cartridge error

This type of problem in your HP printer arises mainly when you have replaced generic, compatible, remanufactured, or refilled ink cartridges. Sometimes, your printers might go in an offline state, for which you must know how to fix HP printer offline issue. Whenever you receive error message “Print cartridge missing or not detected”, you must know how to override HP ink cartridge error. Here, in this article, we have mentioned in detail the probable reasons and troubleshooting methods to override HP Printer Cartridge Error.

What Causes HP Printer Cartridge Error?

The HP printer cartridge error is usually indicated by a message that pops up when you try to print your documents. Usually, this error message occurs when there is no ink in the cartridge. That means, your printer might be unable to recognize the cartridge. Given below are some most popular reasons behind the problem:

Not Removing Protective Strips

When you install a new cartridge, ensure that the protective strips have been successfully removed from it. If you don’t remove the attached strips from the new cartridge, your HP printer might be unable to recognize them. Along with the protective strips, make sure there are no plastic covers or tabs on the cartridge before the installation.

Dirty or Broken Metal Contacts

The chances of getting any error message related to HP printer ink cartridge increases if there are any dirty or broken metal contacts inside the machine. Check if there is any dirt or damage in the new ink cartridge, as this makes it difficult to communicate between the printer and the ink cartridge.

Improper Installation of Ink Cartridge

There might be instances when you might have not properly installed the ink cartridges. You should always check the user manual of your HP printer to know which ink cartridge is suitable for your printer and how to install it. The problem can also be due to installing the color cartridges and black cartridges in incorrect slots. Your printer will not work properly until you place the cartridge correctly in the slots.

How do I Fix HP Printer Cartridge Error?

Given below are some troubleshooting solutions that you can try to resolve HP printer cartridge error on HP Officejet Printer, HP Envy Printer, or any other printer model:

Method 1: Reset Your HP Printer

Resetting the HP printer will help you to fix the cartridge error. You can follow the below-given steps to reset your HP printer:

  • First of all, turn on your HP printer and remove its ink cartridge.
  • Wait for some time and then place it back gently.
  • Close the cover of your HP printer and then turn off your printer.
  • Wait for a while and then again turn on the printer again.
  • Now, print a sample document and check whether the HP printer cartridge error has been resolved or not.

Method 2: Clean Metal Contacts

You can fix HP Printer ink cartridge error message by cleaning the metal contacts of your cartridge. All you have to do is:

  • Turn off your HP printer and unplug it from the power source and then open the door of the printer and remove the ink cartridge gently.
  • Then, place the ink cartridge aside and check the metal contacts.
  • Use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the metal contacts. Make sure you don’t apply even a little pressure while doing so.
  • After that, correctly put the ink cartridge back in your HP printer.
  • Turn on the printer and print a test page to check whether the error has been fixed.

In this blog, we have mentioned why your print cartridge display error message on HP printers and proper troubleshooting method to fix it. We also showed you how to override HP printer cartridge error. All you have to do is apply these step-by-step instructions to fix the error smoothly.

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