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How to Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error?

HP printers are mainly known for their amazing features and specializations. But sometimes, you may experience supply memory error that makes your printer unable to detect the toner cartridge installed in your device. Mainly the issue arises if the cartridge you have inserted is not compatible with your HP printer. Several other reasons may include broken pieces of plastic in the toner, outdated or corrupted printer software, etc. Whenever you encounter such errors while using your HP printer, try to find the exact cause of it. Then, apply relevant troubleshooting methods to bring your printer to a working state. Let’s check all the related information from this blog.

HP Printer Supply Memory Error

What Causes HP Printer 10.1000 Supply Memory Error?

There are several reasons due to which you may experience supply memory error issues with your HP Laserjet Pro M402n, or other models. Some of them are given below:

  • Any packaging plastic or protective strips might not be removed properly.
  • Jammed paper strips in the paper tray can bother you.
  • Some broken metal contacts available in the toner cartridge can also cause the supply memory error.
  • Sometimes, the outdated or corrupted firmware installed on your device can cause this issue.

The above-mentioned reasons can cause several other issues, like HP printer offline error in your system, as well. So, whatever problem you are facing, try to find its root cause.

How to Clear the Supply Memory Error in HP Printers?

Once you find the exact cause of the Supply Memory Error in the HP laserjet MFP M277dw Printer, it’s time to apply some troubleshooting methods. Below is a more detailed explanation of various methods that you can try to fix such errors with your device.

Method 01: Properly Connect the Metal Contacts

There are 2 metal contacts installed in your printer that help you to detect the toner cartridge. Follow the below steps one by one to connect these metal contacts properly:

  • Firstly, switch off your printer and remove all the cables from the power source.
  • Now, remove the toner cartridge from your HP printer and locate the metal contacts. Generally, they look like microchips or metal squares.
  • Try to connect the metal contacts smoothly inside the printer. Make sure any other printer component is not affected while connecting the contacts.
  • After connecting the contacts, pull them forward slightly and check if your printer is working fine.

These steps will definitely help your HP printer m281fdw or other models to recognize the recently installed toner cartridge.

Method 02: Replace the Toner Cartridge

If you are still getting the supply memory error warning on HP printer, try to replace the toner cartridge. Sometimes cartridge or its plastic slots might get damaged and won’t allow your printer to work properly. In such cases, you can replace the toner cartridge with a new one by following the below-given steps:

  • Gently open the print cartridge door and remove the old print cartridge from your printer.
  • Open the packaging of the new print cartridge and remove the orange clip from it.
  • Hold the print cartridge from both sides and evenly distribute the toner on the print cartridge.
  • Now, install the cartridge properly and then close the scanner assembly and the print cartridge door.

At last, print a sample document to make sure whether everything is working fine.

Method 03: Update the Printer’s Firmware

It is important to install the latest updates of firmware in your system every time when the manufacturing company releases it. Tools like HP printer assistant may help you to install all the latest updates of drivers in your system. If your HP printer has the older version of firmware, then you may experience such issues. You can download the latest software from HP’s official website. After successful installation of the drivers, check if the issue is resolved.


The troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article will definitely help you to fix the HP printer supply memory error. We have also mentioned common reasons that cause such issues in your printer. If you want to resolve any other issue related to HP Printer, contact us via telephone or mail.

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