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How to connect Samsung printer to wifi network?

Wish to connect Samsung printer to WiFi but do not know the appropriate way to do it? Do not worry, we will show you how to do it. With the advent of wireless printing technology, many people prefer using a wireless printer to avoid the hassle of connecting the printer with cables and cords. So, if you are also interested in learning the accurate method to connect your printer with wifi, then continue to read on this post till the very last.

connect Samsung printer to wifi

Besides learning the method to establish a connection, we shall also try to shed some light on how we can troubleshoot issues that might become a hurdle for you while you connect your printer to the wifi.

How do I connect my Samsung printer to wifi?

Although there are different methods to connect your printer to wifi, using the Wi-Fi Direct method is one of the most used as well as the fastest way to connect:

  1. Begin by powering on your Samsung printer
  2. Now, press the “menu” button on your printer
  3. After that, use the arrow keys and select the “Network” option followed by “OK”
  4. Furthermore, select “Wireless” using these keys again and select “OK”
  5. In the Wireless menu, choose “Wi-Fi Direct” and press “OK” again
  6. Now, your display will show you some information on it
  7. The information includes the status of “Wi-Fi Direct”, Device name, IP Address, Network key, and so on
  8. Now, select the “Back” option to go back to the main menu
  9. Further, you need to enter the printer’s name in the network connection page of your router

Note: Usually the model name such as Samsung M2020 printer, Samsung M2070 printer, Samsung C410w printer, Samsung SCX-3405w printer, or Samsung SCX-4623f is the name of your printer.

  1. Follow the steps to connect to it and click “Apply” at the end

Important: if you wish to connect your Samsung printer with your mobile phone, you need to install an application named “Samsung Mobile Print” on your smartphone. After launching the app, you need to perform a few more steps as suggested and complete the Samsung printer setup on your phone.

Moving on, let us now discuss some ways to resolve connectivity issues during the printer setup.

Ways to fix Samsung wireless printer won’t connect

If you are experiencing an issue such as Samsung printer offline or Samsung printer won’t print, then you may use the troubleshooting methods given here:

  • Check your network connection

Besides finding fault in your printer, most probably the fault might be lying with your router which is not giving the proper network connectivity. Try connecting any other device with your router and see if it gets connected or not

  • Verify the network credentials

Sometimes, when you insert the incorrect details on the network setup page, you will face issues while you connect Samsung printer to wifi. In that case, check the network security keys and try again.

  • Reconnect the printer

Using the same method as explained above, you can try to reconnect your printer after patiently waiting for some time. You may also connect your printer by finding the WPS Pin on Samsung printer or using the Wi-Fi Direct method.

Concluding words-

Thus, by using the method listed in this post, you shall be able to connect Samsung printer to wifi. If not, you need to either repeat the process or use the Samsung Easy Wireless Setup program which will help you set up your printer without a CD. Make sure to follow each step carefully and enter all the details accurately to avoid falling prey to an unwanted situation.

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