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How to fix Google Cloud Printer offline Issue?

Despite all the advantages that Google Cloud printers offer you while printing your documents, you may experience several issues. If you are facing any problem while printing your document with Google Cloud Print then it is important to find the exact cause of the problem. There are several reasons behind the Google Cloud Printer offline errors that need to be fixed at the earliest in order to bring your printer again in the online state. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some common causes and proper troubleshooting guide to fix Google Cloud Printer offline error.

Google Cloud Printer offline

What Causes Google Cloud Pint Printer Offline Issue?

The actual reasons as to why a Google Cloud Print Classic printer turns offline are yet to be known. If the Google Cloud printer is not working properly, then it will display an error message on your device’s screen. There are several solutions that you can try apart from just uninstalling and reinstalling the compatible printer driver or again linking your Google Account to the Cloud Printer. Some other reasons are:

  • Improper connection between the printer and your device.
  • Slow Internet speed or the disconnected printer power source.
  • Improper configuration/setting of your device.
  • Also check, if the ‘Use Printer Offline’ option is not selected.

How do I fix Google Cloud Printer offline error?

Whenever you experiencing this type of error, it is recommended to check the physical connection between the printer and power source. You should also check if there is a strong Internet connection between the device and printer. Both of these devices should be connected in the same network connection. You can apply the following Printer is offline fix methods to troubleshoot the issue:

Active Internet Connection: An active internet is very important for Google Cloud Print as it is required to connect the device and printer. The printer will automatically become offline if it doesn’t have the appropriate internet speed and thus result in the failure of all your command. If there is any problem with your internet connection, get in touch with your Internet service provider (ISP) to identify the problem and to fix it.

Check connected Printer: Ensure that you are giving the Print command to print your documents via the correct printer. For this, go through File > Print > Choose Printer. Now, you can select the printer from which you want to print your documents.

Google Account: Make sure that both your printer and the connected device are signed with the same Google account. Otherwise, your printer will go in an offline state and thus display an “Offline” message on the screen.

Firmware Update: Sometimes, the problem is caused due to improperly configured or outdated firmware, as they can bring your printer in an offline state. You need to install the latest version of appropriate Firmware from the official websites of your printer manufacturers. Download and install them whenever they are available to fix all the issues with your printer and to keep it up to date.

Delete Printer: Deleting your Google Cloud printer and re-connecting it with the device can also help you to fix the problem. In such a case, you need to follow all the processes directly from the scratch. Adding a printer to Google Cloud services is very simple and easy. You can use either a normal printer or a Cloud-ready printer for this purpose to connect with your device.

Update Your Browser: All the browsers, especially Google Chrome should be updated regularly. Update your browser to the latest version to avoid any kind of compatibility issues that generally brings your printer in offline stat and prevent the printing job.

Refresh Printer: Refreshing the printer from the Google devices page will also help you to recognize the device correctly and thus bring your printer again in the online state.

Hope the above methods have helped you to fix Google Cloud printer offline issue. Is your printer still offline? If yes, then contact the support team of the HP printers. They will guide you in detail about the problem and other troubleshooting methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix my printer offline Chromebook?

  • If the problem is because of Outdated drivers, then you need to update it.
  • Also, try rebooting the printer before each print.

Why is my printer offline Chromebook?

There are several reasons that can bring your Chromebook printer offline. A few of them are:

  • Outdated drivers installed in your system
  • Improper connection with the device
  • The improperly configured printer will display Offline state message

How do I get my Chromebook printer online?

To get your Chromebook printer online, check whether your Chromebook is powered on and has an Internet connection. Then, sign in to your Google account and check if the printer is detected and connected to your Chromebook.

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