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How to fix HP Deskjet 3755, 3940, f4500, 2542, 2622 Printers Offline error?

Are you facing a problem while printing your documents from HP printers? Though, HP Printer is one of the popular IT devices that people use in daily life to print their documents. But sometimes, there are some issues that you can encounter while printing or using any other functionalities. If you are also experiencing an HP Deskjet printer offline issue on your system, find the exact cause and proper methods to troubleshoot the issue.

HP Deskjet Printer Offline

What Causes HP Deskjet 3755, 3940, 3510, 3630, 3752, 2600 to go Offline?

There are many reasons why your HP Deskjet 3755, 3940, f4500, 2542, 2622, and any other printer model may go into offline mode every now and then. Some of the common reasons why your HP Deskjet printer goes offline intermediately are given below:

  • Static IP: Usually, the port that you are assigning to the printer is not static. It is a dynamic port, and the IP can change as per the information stored on your computer.
  • Antivirus software: There are many third-party antivirus software that you might have installed to prevent unauthorized access. These antivirus applications can create issues with the printer and can block its actions.
  • Driver problems: Some printer-related drivers installed on your system might not be working properly and may cause the printer to go offline again and again.
  • Use printer offline: Windows has a built-in feature where it allows you to use the printer offline. If this option is selected, you need to use the offline printer and start queuing documents rather than printing them one-by-one.

Before we apply any solution to fix the problem, check whether you are logged in as an administrator on your account. It is also recommended to check whether the network capabilities are correctly configured on your computer.

How do I bring HP DeskJet 3510, 3630, 3752, 2600, 3700 Printers Online?

Here, we have discussed all the common methods that can be taken in order to fix HP Printer Offline Error.

Method 1: Disable Firewalls/Antivirus software

Usually, Antivirus software and Firewalls can help you to secure your printer from unauthorized access. But sometimes, they can cause issues and make your printer offline. In this case, you have to temporarily disable all the Antivirus and Firewall software installed on your system and check whether the issue is resolved.

A popular application that many people claim is BitDefender. Nonetheless, you should disable all these applications and check if this trick works. But for this, you must know how to turn your antivirus off. Once you are completely sure that the Firewall/Antivirus is disabled on your system, you can print your documents and check if this resolves the issue.

Method 2: Turn off SNMP Enabled

A renowned protocol, Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) helps in managing networks by collecting information and configuring network devices like printers, servers, hubs, etc. This protocol is known to cause issues with HP DeskJet printers and might bring it in an offline state. If this is the case, you have to disable the SNMP protocol on your system by applying the below-given steps:

  • Press Windows + R to open the run prompt. Type in “control” in the search box of the Run prompt and press the Enter button.
  • In the control panel window, select the View Devices and Printers option located under the Hardware and Sound section.
  • Select and right-click on your printer’s name and select Printer properties.
  • Now select the port with which your printer is currently connected to. Select it and click Configure Port.
  • In the port configuring settings, uncheck the enabled SNMP Status option. Save changes and exit.

Now, use your printer with another port and check whether the issue is resolved.

Some Other Methods to Fix HP Deskjet Printer Offline Error on Mac

Apart from the above important and crucial methods to fix the HP Deskjet Offline issue, there are some other methods that you can try to fix Deskjet 3940, 3510, 3630, 3752 offline issues. These are:

  • Check whether your printer is properly connected to the system. If you are using HP Deskjet 3755, 3940, 3510, 1000 Printer via wireless, USB, or ethernet cable, there should be connectivity between the attached USB and ethernet cable of the setup.
  • You can also set your printer as the default one by clicking the “Set as default printer” option. It will display your printer status, either it is offline or paused. If the printer is paused, click on the “Resume printing” button to bring it online.

If the HP Deskjet printer offline issue still keeps occurring, make sure that you take a look at the manual guide targeting the problem and also identify the issue in general.

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