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How To Resolve Canon PIXMA Printer Error Code 5100?

Recently, we see people facing Canon PIXMA Printer Error Code 5100when printing their documents or photos. Canon printers come with great features. Still, you can never avoid errors that come with great features. Canon 5100 error is usually seen as an error in the ink cartridge of the printer. If you are also facing the same issue, this guide is for you. Read on to get rid of this error code and prevent it from occurring in the future.

Canon Pixma Printer Error Code 5100

What Is the Canon PIXMA error code 5100?

Canon PIXMA Printer Error Code 5100 indicates that there is some problem with your printer’s cartridge carriage. This error may occur in Windows 10 or older versions in any of the models of Canon printers. You can remove the error by turning on the service mode and flushing the printheads.

Now let’s look at the symptoms of the 5100 error of your Canon printer.

  • You will face problems in printing your documents and photos properly.
  • You will see an orange flash in the alarm lamp on your Canon printer.
  • You will also notice that the power lamp is flashing alternatively.
  • One of the symptoms can be noticeable dirt on your printer timing strip.
  • A prominent symptom is a misplacement of the FINE ink cartridges from their actual position.

Why Does The Canon Printer Error Code 5100 Occur?

Now you know the symptoms, let’s look at the probable causes of the problem before fixing it. This will help you fix the error properly and prevent error repetition.

  • Dirt and debris accumulated on the outer parts of your Canon printer can result in this error issue.
  • If you have not cleaned the interiors of the printer, you are most likely to get this error.
  • Sometimes, a faulty ink cartridge or low ink will also show a 5100 error code.
  • A faulty or ingenuine FINE cartridge may also be a cause of your printer’s error.
  • Another cause of this problem can be an issue with the ink absorber of your Canon PIXMA Printer.
  • Using the incorrect-sized paper with too much or too little thickness increases the chance to get this error.
  • Oftentimes, pieces of paper jammed into your printheads cause printer error 5100.
  • Any obstruction in the inner parts of your device can result in many errors, needless to mention the 5100 error code.

How To Fix Canon Printer 5100 Error Across Various Models?

We have briefed down some of the effective methods to assist you in fixing Canon PIXMA Printer Error 5100. Try these tricks out and get rid of this error.

  1. Reset your Canon printer:

The first and obvious way to resolve your printer’s error is by resetting it. For this, press and hold the power button for a few seconds. Then, power on your printer again.

  1. Clear the paper bits from your printer:

Before moving to any other method, first look for paper parts that have jammed your printer’s pathway. If you find any, carefully remove the paper and place the parts back properly. Check if it’s still showing the error.

  1. Reset ink cartridges of the printer:

Sometimes, you may be getting a 5100 error code due to improper settings of your ink cartridges. Resetting the cartridge may help you get over this problem. Follow the mentioned steps for this:

  • First of all, unplug your Canon printer and remove all the power cables connected to it.
  • Then, open the front panel of your printer and press the power button.
  • Remove all the cartridges and reset them properly.
  • Attach the power cables and turn on the printer.
  • If you are using a wireless printer, use the WPS pin on Canon Printer to connect it to the router and check for the error.
  1. Clean your printer’s encoder/strip:

The interiors of printers contain a white plastic strip called the printing strip. It is present above the drive belt. Dirty printing encoder/strip can also be one of the reasons for Canon error 5100. Open your printer and check whether the strip is clean or not. If you find it dirty, wipe it properly with a dry cloth. Then, close the cover of your printer and see if the error is still showing.


You can face Canon PIXMA Printer Error Code 5100 due to various reasons. Now that you know what this error is and what are its symptoms, you can choose any solution according to the reason. If you are unable to find the reason behind the 5100 error code showing up in your printer, start with resetting your printer. Then, move on to the next steps as required and get rid of this annoying error.

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