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Canon Printer offline- Real-time solutions to fix

Canon Printer offlineIs the “canon printer offline” message displaying on your screen has taken over your nerves? This is sure to happen because this directly means that you are in trouble. This further indicates that you cannot resume your printing until you have discovered the solution to fix canon printer is an offline error message. Considering this situation to be a serious one, let us now unfold the mystery behind why you are facing this issue time and again and what could be the possible solutions to fix it.

Reasons why canon printer is offline Windows 10

Since all printers need to communicate with the PC in order to continue working. Therefore, your printer might be showing offline because of the reasons listed here:

  • There is a possible communication issue between your printer and Windows PC
  • Your printer is set in ‘use printer offline’ mode
  • Your printer’s firmware is outdated
  • The printer driver of your printer is outdated
  • You missed out on an important update

Why is my canon wireless printer offline Mac?

  • Old Canon printer drivers
  • Loosely connected cables
  • Possible network issue
  • Too many commands in the queue
  • Paper jamming issues
  • No paper in the paper tray

How to change Canon printer from offline to online?

For changing the Canon printer status from offline to online, simply use this method:

  1. Click on the ‘Start’ icon
  2. Select ‘Devices and Printers’
  3. Right-click on your printer model
  4. Choose ‘See what’s printing’ from the list
  5. Click on the ‘Printer’ tab
  6. Uncheck the ‘See what’s printing’ box

Doing this will allow you to use your printer online from now onwards.

Canon printer troubleshooting guide

  • Resolve connectivity issues

Begin by checking that you have plugged in all the cords of your printer correctly. Any loosely connected cable could lead to such situations. To verify this, only a virtual inspection at the users’ end is enough.

  • Check for paper jamming issues

You can simply check your input tray for any jammed paper in it. Even if there is a single paper stuck in the paper tray the printer will come up with one or the other issues.

  • Restart the devices

This simple trick can sometimes do wonders. Thus, experts recommend restarting the PC and printer to fix some minor issues with it by resolving common software issues.

  • Add your printer again

  1. Go to the ‘Control Panel’
  2. Select ‘Printers and Faxes’
  3. Select ‘Add a printer’
  4. Complete the appearing prompts
  • Re-install printer drivers

Primarily, you have to uninstall your printer from the ‘Printers’ section. After uninstalling it, go to the manufacturer’s official website and download the compatible driver for your system.

Otherwise, choose from the supplementary support options listed below.

Addition support options

  • Canon Printer Cartridge Issues

If you are facing cartridge issues with your Canon printer, then it is recommended to reinstalling your cartridges after restarting your printer.

  • Download Printer Drivers

To fix any possible issue with your printer, the most useful and effective way is to install the latest updates of your printer drivers when they are released.

  • Canon Printer Setup and Install

Find Canon Printer sources to set up and install the latest printer drivers on your device to actively use your printer free from any errors.

  • Canon printer not printing

When you fall into such trouble, the first thing you should do is restart your printer, see if it is available in the list of printers, or reinstall the printer drivers.

Related question answers

  1. Why is my Canon printer showing as offline?

While there could be multiple reasons for the same issue, the most obvious reason is the miscommunication between your PC and printer. Besides this, old printer drivers, paper jamming issues, loose cords, low network connectivity could also result in this problem.

  1. Why does my air Printer keep going offline?

Your air printer might be showing offline because there is a Wi-Fi connection problem with your printer. To solve this issue, you should check your wireless connection or take your printer to the nearest possible range of the printer.

  1. Why does my iPhone say canon printer offline?

This might happen if your iPhone is not able to connect with your Canon printer. In some cases, if the printer is powered down, or the cable used for connection are not plugged in its place. Thus, you should restart your printer after plugging in the cables properly.

  1. How do I fix my canon Pixma MX920 printer offline?

Trying one of the following solutions will probably fix the issue:

  • Disable the Windows firewall, temporarily.
  • Verify the communication between your printer and PC.
  • If this does not work, reinstall printer drivers.
  • Connect your PIXMA with a strong network.
  • Re-add your printer to the ‘Printer’s’ list.
  1. How do I stop my Canon Pixma MG2900 printer from going offline?

If your Canon printer goes offline repeatedly, you should try restarting the printer spooler services or set it the ‘Use printer online’ mode. Else, you can reinstall your Canon printer software or update the driver to its latest version.

  1. Why is my Canon printer not responding?

Your Canon printer might not be responding to your commands because it has not been connected to the same network to which your computer is connected to. Or, run the printer troubleshooter which is an in-built function of your printing device.

  1. How do I reset my printer Canon?

  • Press Setup using the printer keys.
  • Using the arrow buttons go to ‘Device’ settings and press OK.
  • Use the Down arrow to go to the ‘Reset’ setting and press OK.
  • Using the same button, go to ‘Reset all’ and press OK.
  • Select ‘Yes’ and then select ‘OK’.

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