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How to Fix Canon Printer Paper Jam Issue?

Canon is a renowned printer brand and mainly known for an unprecedented range of printers, suitable for every requirement and budget. Errors like Canon printer paper jam are pretty common with your Canon printing device. Whenever you get such an error, it is important to know the exact cause of it and proper troubleshooting methods to fix it. Though printers are very awesome devices, sometimes they start displaying error messages. 

Whenever your printer stopped working due to a Canon Pixma paper jam issue, try to find out the exact possible solutions to fix this issue. Here, in this article, we have mentioned possible reasons and some proper methods that you can try to bring your Canon printer back to a working state. 

Common Reasons For Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

There are many factors why you may experience Paper keep jamming Canon Printer error. Some of these includes:

  • There may be a stack of plain white A-4-sized sheets inserted in the paper tray. Incorrect loading of paper or using the inappropriate type of paper can also cause the Canon Printer Paper Jam issue.
  • Damaged paper rollers are also responsible for the paper jamming issue.
  • You might be using poor-quality or wrinkled paper to take printouts and this causes the paper jamming issue.
  • Low-quality ink cartridges can also cause the paper jam issue.

How do I Fix Paper Jam Issue in Canon Printer?

Follow the below-given points one by one to remove the paper jam Canon Printer error:

  • Firstly, turn off your printing machine and then disconnect the power cord from the power supply.
  • Open the paper output cover and gently remove its upper covering.
  • Check and ensure that there is no paper jam in the cartridge holder. If there is jammed paper under the FINE cartridge holder, gently move that holder to the right or left edge to remove the paper.
  • Now, take the jammed paper with your hands.
  • Smoothly remove all the pieces of paper stuck in the cartridge one by one without tearing them.
  • Now, close the paper output cover, and then reload the paper in the input tray.

That’s it! The above steps will definitely help you to clear a paper jam on a canon Pixma printer. 

Still Facing Paper Jam Issue With Canon Printer? Check Hardware Issues

Is your printer still showing the paper jam error message and you are wondering why my printer says paper jam but there is no paper jam? Don’t worry, there may be a hardware problem. Sometimes, the roller or any other part of the printer became defective and makes it unable to print properly. 

Such hardware issues are responsible for several printer-related issues, including the Canon printer paper jam. If any sort of hardware issue is detected, immediately contact a printer technician and get it repaired. However, you can even buy a new printer instead of getting it repaired because nowadays printers don’t cost much.

Suitable Precautions To Prevent Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

As mentioned earlier, paper jam issues are quite dangerous and even affect the life of your printer. However, if you’re getting this paper jam issue on a frequent basis, keep the following points in mind to prevent them:

  • Ever fill the paper tray of your printer with too many papers. Overfilling the paper tray can cause paper jams.
  • Several latest models of printers are based on sliding mechanisms. This allows you to feed different types and sizes of paper into the printer. It is important to place the slider in the correct position, otherwise, it may result in various errors, like paper jam.
  • Use standard office paper. Make sure your printer is not folded from anywhere as it can cause paper jam issues because of its irregular dimensions. You can also check your printer’s documentation to check which type of paper is suitable for your printer.
  • Make sure your printer paper is correctly placed into the paper tray.
  • Check if there is any debris in your printer before printing. Sometimes, any foreign object in the printer can cause a paper jam issue.


After executing the above steps carefully, your Canon printer paper jam issue will get resolved. But if the paper is still jammed into the printer tray, try to contact Canon Printer Support Number. The professional experts are always available to provide you with proper solutions at an ease.

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