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How To Clean Epson Printer Heads?

Cleaning your printer heads is one of the common methods to troubleshoot issues with it. When you clean the print heads on your Epson printer, make sure that the nozzles are correctly delivering ink. After properly clearing the print head of your printer, you will be able to get a printout without any blurred. There are several methods by which you can clean the print head from your computer or from the printer itself using its control panel. Here, in this article, we have mentioned some effective steps to answer how to clean Epson printer heads. 

Why Is It Important to Clean Printer Head of Epson Printer?

There are several reasons why the printer nozzles get either blocked by air or ink. Given below are some instances when the clogs usually get blocked:

  • You have not changed the ink cartridge of your printer for a long time.
  • When you are getting a low ink warning message or your printer keeps printing faded printouts.
  • Ink dries up in the nozzles when you stop using your printer on a regular basis.
  • When you don’t use your printer frequently.

Once you are familiar with the common causes of clogged print heads, you can apply the necessary steps to avoid such situations. 

Effective Steps To Clean Printer  Heads In Epson Printer

In this section, we have mentioned how to clean Epson print head nozzles which are blocked or clogged. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to perform the cleaning print heads task effortlessly:

  • Tap the “Home” button and choose the “Setup” and “Maintenance” options.
  • Select the “Printhead Nozzle Check“ option.
  • Your printer will pop up a message with four coloured grids indicating which nozzles are blocked.
  • If there is no gap between the nozzles, select done.
  • If any gap or some faint lines are found, choose the “Clean the Printhead” option and select continue.
  • Now, use a smooth cloth to Clean Print Heads.
  • Next, you have to shut down your Epson printer.
  • Take a single sheet of paper towel and fold it around the roller with tape. Also, apply several drops of water to the towel.
  • Smoothly move the print head over the paper towel and keep it idle for at least 10-15 minutes.

Once you are done with these steps, repeat it again with fresh damp paper towels until individual colours from each ink port appear. Now, turn on your printer and print a sample document to ensure everything is working fine.

Printhead Flushing – Syringe

If you are still wondering how to clean ink heads on an Epson printer, you can opt for an aggressive way of flushing the printhead. 

  • To flush your Epson printer’s printhead, you need to remove the air bubbles and debris by flushing the printhead with liquid. 
  • Then, take a syringe, fill it with liquid, and push the fluid through the cone-shaped ink intake.
  • If the ink intakes fit a syringe, there is no need to use any special tool. In case of a larger intake, use a tube to connect it with the syringe.

These steps will flood the waste ink pad and allow you to clean the print head using a syringe. 

Printhead Cleaning Cycles

Different models of Epson printers offer an efficient cleaning cycle that you can use to clear out their nozzles. Go through the following steps to know how to clean an Epson inkjet printer head using this method: 

  • Before you start anything, make sure there is no error on the LCD screen of your printer.
  • Now, click the Home button and choose the “Setup” option and select “Maintenance.”
  • Next, click “Printhead Nozzle Check“.
  • Your printer will display a page with four coloured grids indicating if the nozzles are blocked (and also indicates which are not).
  • In case, if there are no gaps present, choose Done to continue.
  • If there are gaps, choose “Clean the printhead” and go through on-screen instructions.


After completing the above steps, check if each port of your Epson printer is cleared. If it is still printing blurry or smeary, then immediately contact proficient staff via the Epson Technical Support Number. The professional Epson printer experts are always available to help you.

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